Garage Door Service – Things to Need To Be Checked

Homeowners often underestimate the importance of regular garage door maintenance services. But it is wrong, as a responsible homeowner, you need to check and service your garage door periodically. It is as important as service your car for its long functionality and life span. If you are not sure about your capabilities, hire professional garage door companies like, Baytown garage door repair to help you in this regard. In this article, I will explore different phases of garage door services and things that you should stress.

Garage door repair:

Before performing a garage door repair project, it is better to understand how the garage door works. Overhead garage doors either roll up in multiple sections or swing up in a single solid piece. A large spring is installed at the center of the garage door to counterbalance the weight of the garage door. The garage door runs on metal tracks along the walls of the garage. Sometimes garage door repair work is required to fix or replace either the springs or metal tracks.

  • Inspect the metal tracks and mounting brackets. You may need to tighten the loose screws and bolts to secure the brackets to the walls. The tracks should also be observed to find out the dents, crimps, or flat spots and to fix them accordingly. In case of any damage, they can be pounded to a smooth surface using a rubber mallet. If tracks look beyond the repair, they need to be replaced.
  • In the second step, you need to make sure that garage door tracks are aligned properly. Basically, the horizontal tracks should slant slightly downward position. And the placement of the tilt should be along the backside of the garage. If you experienced that the tracks are not aligned correctly, you just need to loosen the hardware that holds the mounting brackets. Then tap the tracks gently to place them in their original position.
  • In the next garage door repair task, you need to clean the tracks using any mild household detergent to remove the accumulated dirt and grease. These obstructions could cause friction and stuck operations of a garage door. Garage door rollers also need to be cleaned properly. Once you washed all the components, wipe out all the components to make them dry enough.
  • In the next stage, you need to lubricate all the hardware including rollers, tracks, springs, and other moving components. You may use any high-quality lubricant or silicone spray to smooth the tracks. You may also use powdered graphite for this purpose. Pour the oil into the hardware and allow it to set and then open and close the garage door a few times so that the oil will spread evenly.
  • In the next stage of the garage door repair project, you need to pay attention to the hardware of the garage door. If you find that they are loose and not working properly, then you need to tighten them accordingly. You need to tighten the loose screws and nuts, hinges to make them functional.
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  • In the last step of the garage door repair project, you need to adjust or replace the torsion spring. To adjust the tension, you will need to shift the hook of the spring to the next notch or hole. If you have cables on the garage door then you will have to pull the cables running through the plate of the spring in order to adjust the tension. Remember, it is a dangerous task that should be left to professional garage door experts.