Do It Yourself Garage Door Repair Project

Do It Yourself Garage Door Repair Project

Garage door repair can be a dangerous job if you try to attempt it on your own. If you have any doubt about your capabilities, contact a professional garage door company such as, Up & Over Garage Door Repair to help you regarding your garage door concerns. It is true that you can save some money by handling it on your own and enjoy learning new techniques. But the hospital bills due to injuries sustained during the project won’t be worth those savings. You should educate yourself thoroughly before attempting anything on your own to make sure you can complete it safely.

What type of garage door you are dealing with?

Some garage doors swing up in a single solid piece while others are designed with multiple sections to run across the tracks. Your garage door could be operating manually or electronically with the help of garage door opener. You should consider these factors at the beginning of the project. If your garage door runs through electric garage door opener, then the issue could lay with the opener instead of the garage door itself. If you experience that your garage door is not running smoothly on the tracks, there could be issue with the damaged panels and dented tracks. Check and fix them thoroughly to make sure that they will work. Do your best to determine the malfunctioning of garage door because it could be something easy to handle.

Check the loose hardware of the garage door:

There are dozens of mounting brackets and hinges that are used to hold the garage door tracks to the wall. If they have loose screws, blots, and nuts within the mounting brackets that secure everything in place. A loose screw won’t be obvious, make sure that you have inspected the moving parts and tightened then to secure everything in place. It is also good to give moving hardware a good cleaning and oiling. If the garage door moving parts get dirty or clogged then the screws become loosen again.

Check the garage door tracks:

The tracks are the parts that guide the garage door along the walls and ceiling. They get dented just because of accumulated hardened grease and dirt. It will make your garage door hard to open or close. If garage door become misaligned then it could cause the garage door to stop on its halfway. Inspect the garage door tracks thoroughly to find out the grease and then clean it properly. After cleaning the tracks, check the tracks with the help of level to ensure that garage door is not misaligned.

Inspect the garage door:

After confirming that garage door tracks are running correctly and all of the hardware is secure in place but garage door is not functioning properly. It means that garage door problem is with garage door itself. Inspect garage door hardware thoroughly and try to find out the cause of malfunctioning. Consult professional garage door repair company to deal with the garage door.