Garage Door Repair Things to Check Before Calling a Professional Help

Garage Door Repair Things to Check Before Calling a Professional Help

You have probably experienced the malfunctioning garage door. You arrived home late at night and were ready to hit the button of the garage door remote. You press the remote as you turn your car on the drive path. The garage door makes a way for you to park your car inside.

After parking the car, press the remote again to close the garage door but nothing happens. The garage door does not close. You did quick action and replace the batteries of the remote and try it again but nothing happens. You go to your bedroom worried your garage door will remain open. Since a garage door is a complicated and heavy structure so you don’t want to mess with it. Some garage door problems can fix on your own but anything more complicated should be left to professional garage door companies like, garage door services Greensboro NC. Here are common things that need to be checked before calling garage door experts.

Things to be checked before calling garage door experts:

  • Dead batteries of garage door remote:

The batteries of the garage door remote may be dead. You should replace the batteries and try it again. Normally it solves the issues. If it does not work, you should buy a new garage door remote. 

  • Electronic eyes of sensors are not cleaned and aligned:

There are two safety sensors installed on each side of the garage door to create an invisible beam between them. If these sensors are not aligned with each other, it will affect the opening and closing process of a garage door. To adjust the garage door sensors, simply move the sensors a little lower and then try to close the garage door again.

  • Obstruction under garage door:

If something is obstructing the path of closing the garage door then it will open but won’t close. These safety sensors are used to prevent the person or any object from being crushed under the closing garage door. Make sure that you have not left the shovel, toy, or tool under the garage door. Remove the hurdle and try to close it again.

  • Broken springs and cables:

If you have checked all the above-mentioned points but still you are not able to close the garage door, you may have to check the springs, pulley, and cables. Don’t try to handle it on your own because it can be dangerous for you if you are not a handyman. It will cost you more and make things worse.

Since this type of garage door repair work is beyond your technical skills, call professional garage door technicians to fix your garage door. They have the skills and expertise to easily diagnose and fix the problems of your garage door. Professional garage door companies offer free quotations and even discount coupons. It will save your money and asset.